Clara and the Great Intelligence

Even though there’s hundreds (well, maybe tens) of theories about Clara one of the things a lot of people seem to agree with is that there is some kind of link between Clara and the Great Intelligence. I’ve discovered some links i don’t think anyone else has pointed out yet. 

1) In “The Bells of Saint John” one of the major plot points is people being uploaded and getting disoriented. They keep saying “I don’t know where i am.”

We’ve seen something like this before. In Asylum of the Daleks. Right after the Doctor tells Clara she’s a Dalek there’s a flashback sequence. She’s just climbed out of the pod and she keeps going “where am i? where am i?”

2) Another thing to note in Asylum of the Daleks is that the Doctor tells her that she’s a genius and the Daleks need genius. After watching the episode If nothing else, she’s clearly a computer genius.

In The Bells of Saint John, when Clara clicks on the wifi, Alexei tells Miss Kizlet that she’s “borderline.” Clever, but no computer skills,

In both cases, intelligence is important. Computer skills as well. 

3) Another important thing is dates and her mom. I actually don’t have any insight to add here. Just that, in case anyone missed it, when we first see Clara she announces it’s her moms birthday.