The name of the Doctor wish list

There’s a lot being promised by the series 7 season finale and i’m throwing in the answers im hoping to get.

1. Who is Clara. 

2. What is the significance of the Doctor’s Name. Why will silence fall if it’s revealed. This is whats actually interesting about the mystery, not the name itself. (we all know they’re not going to tell us his name). What is this great secret.

3. Who blew up the Tardis? Ok, it was the Silence  but how? (I’ve been intrigued by the whole Silence story but it’s about time it was wrapped up. And i’m assuming part of the point of this story is essentially that)

4. What are the whispermen. Ok, maybe this one is a bit of my own curiosity but it’ll have to be answered. And well, with a track record like Moffats (The empty child, the clockwork men, the weeping angels, the silence, Vashta Nerada) how can i not be excited

5. What role does the Great Intelligence play in all this. I’m sure it’ll feature. As can be seen in my theory here